I have got a ant+ cadence speed monitor also a zephyr hxm blue tooth heart rate sensor. I am trying to canvass opinions as which is the best monitor to display mainly cadence and speed. I have a phone app which will do the job fine but probably won't last on 4hr+ rides. I don't want the latest garmin, but consider older models plus any other manufacturers.

Comment please as to what they are like?



giobox [361 posts] 3 years ago

Any of the old Garmin Edge models apart from the 200 will work fine. The 500 is still a really nice bit of kit with crazy battery life, and there's often some pretty cheap deals to be had.

Your main issue will be that heartrate monitor, right now I'm reasonably sure, but happy to be corrected, nobody does a standalone headunit that works with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT sensors. A company called 4i does a really innovative HRM strap that can 'bridge' ANT devices over bluetooth to your phone, but I've not a gadget bridges bluetooth devices to ANT, probably because of the increased complexity of the bluetooth standard.

IF you want to use all of them, the Wahoo RFLKT+ has ant and uses your phone's bluetooth support, so you can connect everything you have to it. Road.cc recently gave it a glowing review. Note it must be the + model to get the ANT chip, the standard RFLKT won't work. Its also probably the cheapest option too.

CXR94Di2 [1954 posts] 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply I had found that my heart monitor will needed to be changed to ant+ I have plummed for the Garmin 800, downloaded free OSM for navigation. I usually use sportstracklive for a mobile app and like it quite a lot. I ran both app and garmin today to record my training run. I then uploaded the tcx file to sportstracklive. The data recorded was so similar to the point that I will now use the garmin to track my progress and upload to Web for social.

I will use the garmin to help me improve my performance, it seems to have some nice features  1