Hands up, this is a Bike Swanky promotion post, but nevertheless, we thought that you might be interested to know that we've got a unique offer on DeRosa R838 Ultegra 11s right now =D>.

We don't usually do discounts as it often detracts from service, but in this instance we're able to offer the two together, so we're passing it onto you:

RRP £2799.99

£600 off for cash

Or up to 4 years 0% finance - £45.42 per month

Every bike hand delivered and set up by a qualified mechanic with ongoing support.

We're sure posting like this will irk some, and we apologise to those of you that it does.

We're going to remain focused upon making these brilliant bikes accessible to more cyclists: https://bikeswanky.co.uk/bike/2014-de-rosa-r838-ultegra-11-speed-bike