Hi all,

I'm after some advice or help.

The two people I was meant to be doing this years Etape with have dropped out, meaning I will be riding it alone and my wife will be coming along to support.

Unfortunately she cannot drive and with the finish being quite far from Pau where we are staying, I'm a bit stuck as to how she can get to the finish. We will be dropping off our car on the Saturday and using the shuttle buses to get back to the start, but after contacting the organisers they aren't running any for spectators on the Sunday.

I see there is a train to Laurdes and then maybe she can get a taxi to the top of the Hautacom but not sure of what time the road closures are?

Is anyone else riding it this year? Any advice as to how my wife can get to the finish?




BikeMan123 [2 posts] 3 years ago

I have a room with half board package including transfers to and from the finish booked with Sports Tours International, which I can't use any more due to an injury to my knee. Might even be worth cancelling your current accommodation to use this instead? Not sure how your wife could get to the finish, but they might be able to help with that too?

Details here: