I have two Schwalbe One Tubeless 700x23 for sale. Brand new and boxed. These are like hen's teeth in the UK so I picked them up when on holiday in France. I got a (slight) discount on the £60rrp by buying six - off a Schwalbe rep (not even sure they are in shops yet?). I have two on my American Classic Tubeless wheels (which I am loving) and a spare but will sell the others if you want them.

£40 each inc p+p
£80 for a pair

PM me.


IngloriousLou [139 posts] 2 years ago


CanAmSteve [253 posts] 2 years ago

Wish they were 25mm - I agree that Schwalbe seems unable to actually get these tyres to market. It's been two years they have claimed to have a tubeless road tyre but buying them seems impossible. At the winter Excel show they had a total of two One Tubeless tyres.

And the first version just seemed to be vapourware (i.e. announced to compete with Hutchinson but never actually sold). One has to suspect they are having problems.

Funny you got them in France, though. Maybe they just want to scare Hutchinson  1

I managed to get two Hutchinson Sectors (28mm) on my last US trip for US$120 - that's about £35/tyre - as usual we always pay more here (despite being closer to source).

How are the Schwalbe for mounting? The 25mm Hutchinsons are a struggle, but the 28mm I can put on easily without levers

Good luck with your sale