I had a broken chain with 100km to go. But for once fixing it went according to the book

Blog post about it


Thought this would be a change to "I had a mechanical and fixing it was terrible"


Shades [351 posts] 3 years ago

Fixing a chain 'roadside' was definitely a skill well learn't for me and earned me some 'kudos' from fellow riders who didn't know how to do it. If it's the magic link that's gone, I replace it, but if a regular link in the chain has gone I usually 'bin' it at the earliest opportunity as it normally breaks again in the near future. Not sure how you replace a link and maintain the strength, but to save hassle, a new chain seems the best option.

drfabulous0 [409 posts] 3 years ago

Using a decent tool there should be no issue with maintaining strength on a link you replace. But every link wears at the same rate so when one goes it's reasonable to expect another to fail fairly soon. The only exception being if you have a single chainring and overlooked the 1:3 issue, but then you probably ought to be just taking it the shop if you're that ignorant of bicycles.