Partially Corrupt Garmin File

by Geordie Simon   July 1, 2014  

I've just uploaded a file to Strava from my Edge 510 that has come up with correct overall time, distance and elevation but has lost most of the data from the file somehow, I had a random switch off towards the end of the ride - I've tried opening the original garmin file in a text editor on my mac and there's a load of data missing (I assume that the data is the positional info taken every second) but the overall is correct so I'm really confused - is there any way to rescue the missing data? I was on a good ride testing some new wheels so am really interested in the lost data.



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You might try running the data through one of the repair tools and see if it fixes it.

posted by Derny [112 posts]
1st July 2014 - 16:44


Thanks, I've tried the second one to no joy and can't run the first one on my Mac sadly...

posted by Geordie Simon [27 posts]
1st July 2014 - 16:57


PM sent.

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posted by neildmoss [254 posts]
1st July 2014 - 17:26


Responded, thank you

posted by Geordie Simon [27 posts]
1st July 2014 - 17:58