Garmin Connect and Strava dealing with an obvious anomaly

by Daveyraveygravey   June 29, 2014  

Did a nice ride today aimed at two of the 100 hills in Kent/Surrey. Flew down Titsey Hill - it was early and quiet - but really surprised when my Garmin Forerunner gave my vmax as 109 mph! Put it down to maybe hitting a bump or a swerve causing a spike in the data or machine.
Uploaded data to both Strava and GC. GC still shows vmax as 109 but not surprised as it is a Garmin device. Strava shows vmax as 84 kph which makes more sense - most of my fast downhills have been around 53 mph and doubt me and my bike can get much more than that - not that I want to! When I check the segment for that hill the average speed is 86 kph but max is 84. How does that work?!

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It'll be off GPS. Titsey's got loads of tree cover so will be a bit glitchy when it comes to finding satellites - basically you'll have jumped between two blind spots very rapidly.

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
29th June 2014 - 22:46


Correct Altitude.


Can be as much as 300ft+ difference between the two over a flatish ride of say 2000ft over a 50 mile ride.

posted by DanTe [163 posts]
30th June 2014 - 10:33