Kreuziger not riding the tour

by GREGJONES   June 28, 2014  

Seems that he's got blood 'abnormalities'

that's got to lengthen the odds on Contador

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Especially because Majak is very "upset" to say the least about being drafted in. He has said things about Mr Tinkoff not giving a toss about his health after having done the Giro and not feeling well.

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posted by Gkam84 [9283 posts]
29th June 2014 - 0:23


Something about this seems off to me. It takes 8 months to examine the expert opinions, their panel disagrees with 3 independent professionals and the news breaks a week before the tour. If all that Kreuziger (and his team) has said is true, then he has shown that he didn't do anything wrong and should face no penalty. At the very least, this seems unfair and the process needs to be sorted out.

Given the Dauphine this year, a slightly weaker team might not make too much of a difference for Contador.

posted by djb123 [88 posts]
29th June 2014 - 13:05

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