thumbtacks in road

by rep   June 27, 2014  

I would like to warn of tacks in the road in London/Surrey, specifically from Hampton Court bridge headed toward Walton. The tacks are mostly brass coloured but some silver, and are also on the footpath. I also encountered tacks day before yesterday in the cycle lane between Hersham and Esher, especially near the Bourne river, but I think I have picked up most of those, amounting to a good handful. There were also a few between Esher and the North Downs, possibly carried along by motorist tyres. So be aware and help pick the rotten things up, it's not my job either.

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Thanks, I sometimes ride that way and might do on Sunday. North or South side of the River?

Also, have you reported that to the Police?

posted by bikebot [827 posts]
27th June 2014 - 23:57


Molesey side of the Thames, so I suppose south, and both sides near the Bourne. As I said, I cleaned up a lot of the thumbtacks thrown onto the Hersham/Esher road.

posted by rep [2 posts]
28th June 2014 - 7:28