As previously mentioned on this forum I'm looking to get a titanium framed bike. However my budget has recently had to be ammended seriously downward (kids!) and buying a complete bike is out of the question. I have now been thinking I could get the Kinesis Granfondo Ti frameset and transfer the all the components from my Pinnacle Dolomite 5 on to it. That way I can have my bike and upgrade as budget allows. Do you think this would be okay; would it be possible to swap these straight over or would there be any compatability issues?


What Mid Life Crisis [27 posts] 3 years ago

It's a great frameset - bought the v1 and transferred everything over from a Ribble Audax which worked fine for me. The new frameset is supposed to be amazing, but if you were looking to pick up a v1 second hand, you would be getting a bargain