I am pretty sick of seeing ill-informed posts about how the process for everything works.

I wasn't going to share this page, because I don't know if people are supposed to be using it or not. I have decided to share it as I think everyone who ever wants to comment on how the UCI, WADA or any Anti Doping agency handles things should firstly take this online UCI course.

The course can be found here http://truechampionorcheat.org/

You will go through the modules

1 - Anti-Doping Rules
2 - Doping Control Procedures
3 - The WADA (and Cycling) Prohibited List
4 - Whereabouts
5 - Therapeutic Use Exemption
6 - Dietary Supplements
7 - Breaking the Rules
8 - Consequences to health

It may seem a bit "childish" to begin with, but once you get into it, you may or may not learn things you didn't know before.

It is still worth setting aside an hour or so to go through it.

When you get to the Log-in page, you are faced with these questions and this is how I filled them in.

Name (My Name)

Email address (My Email)

Which national federation are you affiliated with (United Kingdom)

Select Status (select the relevant on for you) I selected Administrator

UCI Code from all riders who have one (Leave blank if you don't have a UCI code)