Hi to All,

I am looking at buying a bike and have decided on a cyclocross, but would love some advice. Currently I have a Viking Camden Hybrid and would like to move onto a road bike which would allow me to use paths, trails etc, hence the cyclocross.

My budget will be between £6-£850 depending if I can arrange scheme via the office, but would like discs & decent gear set if poss.

I have had a look at a few and in all honesty it has now confused me even more. I don't really know too much about types of gears and stuff.

The few that I have looked into are

Boardman CX
Pinnacle Arkose 1
Norco Threshold A2.

If anyone can advise is to why or why not and alternatives, this will be a real help.

Many Thanks



Shades [353 posts] 3 years ago

Trek Crossrip? Not ridden one but it was a best-seller in my LBS. There's probably a model that fits in your price range. One I saw in the LBS had a triple (good if it's hilly where you live), 2nd set of brake levers on the flat section of the bars (good in town if you need to brake quickly) and disc brakes. I think you can fit mudguards and a pannier easily if necessary. Genesis CdF as well if you fancy steel - disc brakes but no 2nd set of brake levers. Compact crankset.