Rim replacement advice?

by bechdan   June 20, 2014  

after trying everything to eliminate juddering on braking i discovered that the rim on my wheel has a reputation for brake pulse - Kinlin xr-300.
I may just live with it but was wondering if there are any rims of similar ERD (577) i could replace it with?
Do rims have to be exactly the same or do spokes allow for some variation, they are Sapim laser and i dont want to waste them as they are fairly expensive.

Ta for reading

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I assume you have already tried sanding the rim and using various different brake pads. Harder brake pads might help.

The easiest way to answer your question about varying the rim ERD would be to use an online spoke calculator, and try different ERD values to see how much it affects spoke length. You can add or remove a few millimeters of ERD without affecting the diameter of the rim enough to matter. Also, it's important to understand the actual length of your current spokes, which may or may not be the correct length for your current rim (could be already too long or too short).

In a double-wall rim where the spoke nipples are recessed, you can generally tolerate spokes a few mm too long and let them extend past the end of the nipple. But not too far or you will run out of threads and the nipple will bind before it's tight.

If your spokes are just a couple mm too short, you might also consider using longer nipples to cheat a tiny amount.

The DT RR585 appears to have the ERD you are looking for (582). Good choice if you can accept its weight and price. Velocity Deep V is 581. Maybe something better is out there...

posted by Derny [111 posts]
21st June 2014 - 1:44


aye ta id looked at the swiss but its a bit heavy, any others?

posted by bechdan [71 posts]
21st June 2014 - 9:39


well its on its way back to the wheel builder who has offered to replace it with another kinlin xr300 rim as he hasnt had a problem with the other 100 or so hes built on it.
Sounds good to me, now wait and see..

posted by bechdan [71 posts]
24th June 2014 - 23:40