As a frameset only which would u recommend ?
Im after a racier set up than my equilibrium and
Have narrowed it down to these 2


Mombee [84 posts] 3 years ago

I've just bought a Sempre Pro and first impressions are great. I've always preferred a frameset and position that are more race-orientated than sportive, and the Sempreis perfect for that - The Belkin team apparently used Sempre Pro's for the Classics over the cobbles. Mine's currently a stock build with the stem half-slammed, but it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch to get into position. Note - I'd come from a CAAD7 Cannondale R700 - so the ride set-up was slightly shorter.
The ride feels good, it's my first extended time on a carbon bike, and the power transfer (from legs to wheels) is a hoot... certainly no concerns with being overly stiff... I did try a heavily blinged Oltre XR.2 briefly, as that has the same geometry to the Sempre and I wanted to check the fit, and the tightness of that suprised me, a completely different beasty to the Sempre.
The Wilier was also on my shopping list, but unfortunately I didn't get a ride on one.
So far, so good, as far as I'm concerned... I'm confident that I've made the right decision with the Sempre.

Derny [113 posts] 3 years ago

Of course both are good options, but I would pick based on desired fit. From looking at the geometry, it looks like the GTR has a taller head tube compared to a Sempre with an equivalent top tube length. Bianchi also offers that type of geometry on some of their other models (Infinito, Intenso) which would probably be a more apt comparison to the GTR in terms of fit. If you are concerned about getting the handlebars high enough, you will probably want the extra 2cm of head tube length. That's my guess based on reading the specs (not based on actual measurements of the built bikes).

You said you want "racier" which in my view would be the Sempre, based on the geometry, but I would not let that desire direct your decision unless you have already validated your positioning on both bikes.

AlliK02 [4 posts] 3 years ago

Well, you can read this review http://usemyreviews.com/confidence-gtr-power-pro-motorized-electric-trea... for better understanding as well.