I have received great advice from this forum over my choice of frame set for my first bike build with my LBS and after long debate and consideration - have decided to go for the kinesis decade tripster ATR Ti.

fast and light (but strong for the gravelly bits) is my objective as i tend to either credit card tour or pack very light (i am looking at ultegra groupset, cinelli dinamo carbon stem & bars, kinesis carbon fork and seat post), i'm also quite keen on the schwalbe one 28 tubeless tyres.

if budget was (within reason) not a restriction, what would be your recommendations for wheels and disc brakes ?

in fact any thoughts on my build - greatly received  1


Derny [113 posts] 3 years ago

I concur with the suggestion to use wide rims and I would use 32 14/15/14 gauge spokes. You will need to decide whether to use ISO or Centerlock rotors since that will determine the hub choice (or vice versa). Some of the Shimano brakes come with really nice rotors which you would not want to set aside due to using ISO hubs - I would want to use the whole brakeset as intended by the manufacturer.

If you avoid the very cheapest mechanical disc brakes, most of the choices are fine.

In my last all-purpose wheelset I used DT RR465 rims, DT 240S hubs, and DT Competition spokes. If I did it again I might consider the HED Belgium C2 rim. You could spend a lot less and still get a great wheelset.

joemmo [1164 posts] 3 years ago

Wheels, hand built with plenty of spokes if you want to carry load. Hplus Son archetype, velocity or similar modern wide rim.

Brakes: for cable, probably the TRP spyre or hy-rd. You could get the Shimano hydro levers but the price is eye watering.

Paultheagle [13 posts] 3 years ago

thanks for all the constructive feedback - FWIW i am working on the following:

frame - kinesis atr TI
fork - kinesis monocoque
seat post - kinesis carbon 27.2
stem & handlebars - cinelli dinamo alloy
saddle - TBA
groupset - ultegra compact (11-32)
wheels - kinesis crosslight CX (black rims)
tyres - schwalbe ones 28mm with tubes
cables - ultegra
pedals - shimano A600
brakes - trp spyre slc mechanical
mudguards - full road (probably giant)
rack - tubus fly
bar tape - lizard skins 2.5
bottle cages - elite custom race x 2

touring bike geometry (almost) - road bike weight (sub 9kg) = happy days  1

barbarus [502 posts] 3 years ago

You've just described my ideal bike! Well, one of them anyway... Pics when it's all finished?