When I switched over to road bikes, I decided it was about time I replaced my budget Halfords footpump with something slightly better. I ended up getting a "Beto Track Pump" from Amazon (£20 or so) which is generally very well reviewed.

The connection onto the valve is a rubber compression locking mechanism, so flipping the leaver applies pressure around the valve locking it in place. So far so good, it generally works as intended - however, I have a devil of a time getting the damn thing off the valve once I'm done inflating my tyres. It often requires upwards of 30 seconds of vigorous wiggling and a surprising amount of force to get it off (loosing some air pressure in the process from the sounds of it). Is this normal, or would a better (read more expensive) track pump perform better in this regard? I find myself inflating my tyres less often then I probably would just from fear of snapping the thing.

The tubes on my bike have one of those little metal screw caps that you must loosen first which I suspect is what's getting caught, do all Presta valves have these (Wikipedia implies it, but I can't recall seeing them on the spare tubes I've bought but haven't yet had occasion to use)?



MKultra [393 posts] 3 years ago

The little metal screw cap is a little tappet that acts like a knock open valve when you apply pressure and then closes when you stop - and yes they all have them.

I have a cheapy track pump but I have found an old fashioned full length frame pump works just as well if you have the arms for it.

Yours sticking is probably the elastomer that forms the grommet not springing back into shape quickly enough to release it's grip on the thread, try giving it a minute and it will probably come off more easily.

MuddyGoose [53 posts] 3 years ago

You could try popping a little grease onto the valve stem before fitting the pump. Shouldn't stop the pump sealing but may aid the removal.

sergius [416 posts] 3 years ago

Cheers folks,

I've give both of those a spin.