Which bottom bracket - advise me please

by bechdan   June 12, 2014  

Ive got the Tiagra triple (4603) crankset. Initially fitted the tiagra BB cups which lasted about 6 months of moderate riding before they started creaking / clicking. I replaced them and again within a year they started creaking badly.
This time I decided to get my BB shell 'refaced' and shimano 105 cups fitted instead at a LBS. This time it only lasted about 200 miles and its started creaking again!

Im sure Ive tightened everything properly and the pedals are fine.

So the question Im asking is, is this acceptable - they are only £13 after all? Should I try the top of the range Dura ace ones £27, or fork out big time for a hope BB £72?

Thanks for reading.

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I'd take it back to the LBS that fitted the 105 BB and ask them to take a look at it, might just need a regrease. Maybe ask them how to do it so you can do it yourself next time it squeaks, could buy the grease there as a good will gesture.

posted by Charles_Hunter [123 posts]
12th June 2014 - 22:01

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its a sealed unit so other than the composite sleeve and threads theres nothing to grease as such. Ive already fitted two, I know how to do it.

posted by bechdan [71 posts]
12th June 2014 - 22:13


Sage advice from Charles there. 105 is at least as durable as dura ace, the latter is designed to be lighter rather than longer lasting.

You should get thousands of miles more from a 105.

Please do check your seat post though, lots of 'BB' creaks turn out to be a bit of grease and a nip up on the seat post.

All Campag

posted by Flying Scot [893 posts]
12th June 2014 - 22:17


the BB cups do have sealed bearings, but you can still open them up to check if they need grease, the have a plastic cover you can pry off with a pin or very small flat screwdriver (jewellers type) , but in general terms this will only be a problem if you pressure wash your bike. Open them up and see what they look like inside

I would suggest that if you have gone through 2 already in such short mileage you need to work out whats causing the problem, as someone else mentioned, it maybe something else.

posted by jason.timothy.jones [305 posts]
13th June 2014 - 9:17


you would be suprised, a lot of grit still gets in.

take the bb out clean all the threads and bb, regrease and fit again.

problem sorted

posted by Lost faith in t... [120 posts]
13th June 2014 - 9:23


When hollow techs do this it's often because they have been slightly over tightened when fitting. Then the bearings eat them self.

posted by MKultra [387 posts]
13th June 2014 - 14:38