looking for advice and help on a road bike I purchased only 8 months ago!

I purchased my bike only 8 months ago. It is a battaglin s11 sora from wiggle.co.uk. the mech hanger has gone already, resulting in my chain and derailer snapping. Is this normal on a bike that has only been used for approx. 250 miles and serviced after 2 months?

I have complained to wiggle who have said the mech hanger is an expandable part which is not covered in my warranty. Therefore they are not willing to help. Im new to road bikes but having owned bikes since leaving school I have never known this to happen.

I have been back and forth with emails but seem to be getting no where. should I just leave it or do I have reason to follow my complaint through?

Id really appreciate any thoughts from anyone that knows anything about road bikes, thank you.


Mrmiik [162 posts] 3 years ago

Wow. This really seems unlike wiggle, find their customer service is above and beyond most others. Given the relatively low mileage it is very odd for the hanger to go. I mean I've crashed my bike at 30kmph and the hanger was bent slightly. Local bike shop managed to fix it fine.

I ride thousands of km each year. Never had a hanger snap. Sure your chain didn't snap and take the other bits with it?

Considering damage to chain and RD has been done, they should send out replacement parts at the very least. Have you tried contacting Battaglin?

Flying Scot [1005 posts] 3 years ago

Just buy one, most manufacturers don't cover them, as they can be damaged by any number of external factors.

It's not an expensive component, you just need to source one!

Mech and chain not pricey either.

A bit crap from Wiggle though, could have shown a bit of goodwill here.

giobox [361 posts] 3 years ago

250 miles is unusually low, but like Flying Scot says, theres a huge number of potential external factors. If you've left the bike locked up outside, or if the bike has fallen over, it's possible the hanger has gotten bent. The hanger is ultimately designed to bend break in these sorts of scenarios, to prevent frame damage.

I agree Wiggle are not bad in my experience for customer service by the standards of online retailers, but they are still a long, long way off a decent LBS.

drfabulous0 [409 posts] 3 years ago

Yeah just buy one, if you don't know here to get it post a pic of both sides and I will tell you. I would've thought Wiggle would at least have offered to sell you one, maybe with a discount.