Most mini multi-tools come with the biggest allen key size 6mm. Some of these come with a little nut-like fitting that goes onto the end of the 6mm key to turn it into a 8mm.  Does anyone know what this fitting is called, if you can buy it separately, and where?


bikebot [2118 posts] 4 years ago

There's no special name, it's just an adapter, or converter. If you need just that part, buy the cheapest multi tool you can find on ebay or in Tesco's which has one of those, and donate the rest of the tool to a friend for there kids to break.

If you're adding this to a very small multi-tool, you should consider just using an allen key, which will handle a lot more force. When I'm on a longer ride, I take a few extra tools including a double ended allen key (like an integral sign), 6mm on one end and 8mm on the other. It still only weighs a few grammes.