Triban 500 or Genesis Volant 10 2014 for £450?

by magslmac   June 10, 2014  

Both of these bikes are available for the same price but Volant is reduced by £300 and is a little lighter.
Is it a no-brainer that Volant should be my choice of entry road bike?

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My wife has the Volant 00 as her first bike, I bought an Aether 10 (the previous model - similar spec) a few years ago .

They've both been good bikes - comfortable to ride and very reliable. I've done 1000s of miles on mine and only changed brake pads.

I haven't ridden the Triban sorry so can't help you there.

posted by CGT [36 posts]
11th June 2014 - 15:16


It is a no brainer. Get the Genesis. Make sure the Genesis has a compact crankest though - or a wide cassette.

I've ridden both and would happily have a Genesis as a winter bike. Both bikes actually feel quite racey in geometry. The Genesis frame is great, looks good and feels nice - handles well. I've ridden Gran Fondos on my brother's Volant 00 no prob (with a double).

The triban frame is barely above a Halfords own brand frame. I wouldn't consider any upgrades on the triban, but would happily consider tinkering with the Genesis and upgrading the wheelset!

If you are getting the 2014 Volant, swap the saddle and bar tape pronto...

posted by Mrmiik [166 posts]
11th June 2014 - 16:46

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Thanks Mrmiik. That's what I hoped you would say!
It iseems difficult to find a review of the Volant 10 2014 as most seem to be of the Valant 00 (and why is it lighter and cheaper?). I have checked there is a compact crankset. Given the RRP is over £700 and it is selling for £450, I assume I could get my money back if I don't use it?
Is the advice re swapping saddle and bar tape based on comfort or looks? ( I would prefer a black look anyway with the bike's colour scheme)
I really appreciate your comments as I am a potential rider without non-gym based cyclemates.

posted by magslmac [19 posts]
11th June 2014 - 19:06


Thanks greatly CGT. I am a little concerned that all the recent reviews seem to be about the Volant 00 and not the Volant 10. Maybe the 00 is better ?

posted by magslmac [19 posts]
11th June 2014 - 19:08

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Looks and comfort. The saddle that came with my brothers genesis was awful. You will probably go through a process of discovering what saddle works well for you, and when you get a new bike, swap out the saddle. I opt for the fizik arione, but I'm very comfortable with getting bent over the handle bars. Different strokes...

I don't think there is much between the 00 and 10 them other than better components and a new paintjob.

A good bike shop will swap your tape for you if you bring some in with you when you take it in for a service. I think a white saddle would look good with some nice blue Deda or Cinelli bartape.

Good luck with it! Prepare to suffer for a bit, but you'll soon get used to it!

posted by Mrmiik [166 posts]
11th June 2014 - 21:22


Many thanks you guys. Greatly appreciated.

posted by magslmac [19 posts]
15th June 2014 - 16:36