I am looking for a bag/hard case to transport my carbon bike and this one has caught my eye


I don't take the bike overseas with me so am looking for a case that I can transport the bike in a car or on the train safely. It is a work's car (BMW X3) and because of company rules I can't use a roof rack or bike rack and I am not sure I want to anyway!!

I know the Evoc bag got a great review on here, but has anyone got one and what do they think of it? Would it fit across the car (with the seats down) as I often have the bike, a small dog in a cage and luggage!!! Was also wondering if it was wedged up by other luggage would it sit upright down the length of the car?

Anyway, any comments or feedback welcome

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fullers1979 [64 posts] 3 years ago

Not having a BMW X3, I can't comment on how it would fit in your car however I've found the Evoc bag to be brilliant! Simple to pack and very easy to move around. It's kept my bike safe and sound on two trips to Mallorca so far. Not even the dreaded baggage handlers could damage it! Yes they aren't cheap however I have nothing but praise for it!