Specialized S-Works Allez - how much?

by nicdoye   June 10, 2014  

Can someone please explain to me why the S-Works Allez (made of "E5" Aluminium) is worth £1500? Although this is bargainalicious compared with the other S-Works framesets (£2.6k+).

What can possibly make it worth almost twice as much as a Cannondale CAAD10 (£800)?

It seems to my jaded eye that a lot of the claims made by Specialized are, in fact, gimmicks. I'd have fallen for these some years back, but not now. (Anyone else remember the Metal Matrix Composite frame?)

I'm lucky enough to work, occasionally, near a Specialized Concept Store (another bit of marketing/gimmickry - it's just a mainly-own-brand shop) and was thinking of getting a Body Geometry fit done there, but there's a certain level of guilt involved if I don't intend to buy a Specialized frameset.

So, defenders of the Specialized faith, tell me what would make me stump up for an S-Works Allez (which is for my talents, overpriced)? Other people who've ridden it & comparable frames, your thoughts?

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It has "S-Works" written on it. For those that buy them, this is all that matters.*

*I say this as someone who is equally guilty of falling for this kind of nonsense on an all too regular basis. Day Dreaming Surprisingly though, I've never really found the S-Works range all that exciting. Relatively heavy compared to other exotic frames, lacking in design flair, brand with little emotive connotations, lots of hyperbolic marketing (Maclaren Venge anyone?). Where I stay it also seems like every second bike I see has "S-Works" plastered on it.

These flagship super frames are practically fashion choices, there's no rational appeal in any of them, which is probably why opinions vary so widely!

posted by giobox [284 posts]
10th June 2014 - 22:05


A large portion of carbon S Works are made by Merida as well. I like Specialized but the S Works range is silly money, especially when De Rosa, Colnago and Cervelo do some nicer looking bikes with a good level of equipment on for a lot less money. Looking at the Cervelo S5 myself, far better looking than the S works in my opinion.

posted by Shep73 [137 posts]
11th June 2014 - 14:48


It's not worth £1500, but it costs £1500 because of things like 'Concept Stores'. Something has to pay for all those fancy tiles and wood effect paneling.

posted by redmeat [70 posts]
11th June 2014 - 15:03


normal specialneedz are over priced

but add an s-works paint job and your the latest member of the smoke and mirrors club

posted by russyparkin [579 posts]
11th June 2014 - 20:23