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by Stanley   June 10, 2014  

i still believe that cycing is a passion for me from my youth, cycling to blackpool and back as a teenager with the boys, it was a great way to bond. no one took notice of what frame, tyres, kit we had. if you had toe clips and ten speed, even five you were the daddy. Despite many many great ammbassadors today like sir chris hoy, bradley, victoria i thinks its a little sad in some clubs when you turn up and if your bike does not cost 35,000 quid and you dont have the latest garmin sky digital printed waxed legged kit your a charlie uniform november tango. there is a place for everyone but snobbery is not the place for this fantastic and wonderful pastine, sport passion. i know its in every sport at high levels as i frequent the velodrome. for those who are chasing a dream i am in admiration. its a sunny day today i shall be steadily going over holme moss then glossop then strines. stopping off at compos fish and chip shop. i am convinced that i need to talk to sky. if after 4 hours of traing they were offered by their trainer an energy bar resembling bird food, or a portion of fish and chips, peas cup of tea breadcake, i bet i would have the team on my table in fact next week at half five i am going into the velodrome with fish and chips in the paper. you watch the place stop. happy riding all. stay fit healthy and most of all happy.

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Nice day for a ride, although the wind is getting up a bit now. Enjoy Strines, it's a completely diferent animal now it has been resurfaced for the Tour. It's like having a couple of extra gears!

posted by Chris James [218 posts]
10th June 2014 - 12:20

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I live on the strines. Always do it same way around strines pub on left having stopped there for dinner and a drink down to mustard pot then straight across through penistone to home. It's not the same now it's all smooth. In fact it's taken the fun out of slipping. Bring back pit holes loose shale, no road markings and flooding on the strines. A right proper day out. It's now a child's ride.

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posted by Stanley [44 posts]
10th June 2014 - 14:04