Magicshine MJ-818 light unit is precisely designed to protect a biker from hits and collisions on the road.

Magicshine MJ-818 light unit has an improved visibility design and adjustable mount for superior safety.
Impressive luminosity and highly reflective output:
The Magicshine MJ-818 light unit produces a stunning output of up to 85 Lumens with a highly reflective optical lens; it can illuminate up to 100 meters of distance behind the cyclist.
Technical Specifications of Magicshine MJ-818 light unit:
The light unit Magicshine MJ-6002 series 3 battery comprises of 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries with an output power of 8.4v 4400mAh and run time of 10 hours.


DanTe [190 posts] 3 years ago

It also has the most irritating on/off mechanism of any light on the market.
Aforementioned pain in the a ris can also lead to the light failing as there's no way of knowing where the limit of the constant twisting to work the thing is.
This can eventually lead to the user twisting too far and shearing off the puny soldering that connects the internal wiring.
Once that happens it's done for.
It also has extremely stiff connecting plugs which with frozen hand can lead to pressure being put on the cable crimp which quickly turns into a fail or requires fiddly work with a cable tie.
Also not worth lugging around a battery pack with all the associated annoying cabling unless you're using a front light at the same time.
Magicshine batteries are hopeless and will overcharge at will, requiring incredibly annoying surge of power to bring it back to life. A trick I still can't manage.
I have 2 dead batteries, one of which is barely 2 months old.
You also have to store the things with just the right level of charge otherwise it buggers up.
The chargers are a joke.
Had 2 in a year.

It is incredibly bright though. Perfect winter rear light if you can handle all of the above which I can't.

The whole magicshine experience - MJ 880 + 818 has cost me over £200 if you include all the various battery and charger malfunctions, new rear light unit, extra cables plus postage.

I've had to buy extra stuff to put together a viable saleable solution.
I will not go down the magicshine route again.

Buy yourself a couple of Crees off Ebay for a total of £20, some decent 18650 batteries and a bright cable free, lightweight rear light and you'll manage to keep your blood pressure below the critical level.....

cress [5 posts] 3 years ago


great bit of kit.