Slightly random question - we've outgrown our house (it's the babies fault) in Manchester, so we're looking to move. Much as I'd like a fancy place close to nice countryside and decent climbs (I'm thinking of Alderley Edge, for example), we can't afford that. It looks like we can afford what we're looking for out around Tarporley and surrounding areas. What's the riding like round there? My impression is that it's pan-flat (hence boring) and I'd have to do a decent ride just to get to some climbs. Much as my family responsibilities are important, I also want to be happy where we live.


Some Fella [890 posts] 3 years ago

Is Congleton too far away for you?
Far enough away from 'The Golden Triangle' of Cheshire to be affordable but lots of access to climbs round there.
In my experience ive also found Handforth to be affordable compared to Manchester - even some houses in Wilmslow are comparable with (south) Manchester prices.

GREGJONES [298 posts] 3 years ago

Glossop or saddleworth plenty of climbs, and the train is half an hour to Manchester for work.

Personally I'd rather live in the city centre, it's not that far to ride to the hills.

Chris James [449 posts] 3 years ago

I suppose it depends on how hilly you want it to be, and how far you want to cycle. I grew up in Chester. Many of my favourite rides were around the mid Cheshire ridge.

You can string together a rolling route by criss crossing the hills around the likes of Kelsall, Utkinton, Beeston, Higher Burwardsley etc. If you have a cross bike there are some good rough tracks too plus routes through Delamere.

It is a very popular area with cyclists. You can't move for bikes round the ice cream parlour near Tattenhall!

It's a nice run out Bangor on Dee direction. As a kid I used to head out to Llangollen over World's End, do the Panorama and Horseshoe Pass climbs and come back over Lllandegla moors. That was about 50 mile round trip I think.
From Tarporley I would guess that would be about a 70 mile circuit. That cerainly wouldn't be boring! Hope Mountain, the roads around Brymbo and Minera are all within reasonable distance.

I now live in the Pennines and to be honest I miss the 7 or 8 mile flat warm up (always into the wind!) before hitting the Welsh hills.

I guess you know the climbs in the other direction if you previously lived in Manchester. Depending where you previously lived in Manc then it can be a fair ride to the hills from there too?

notfastenough [3728 posts] 3 years ago

Congleton isn't too far, and is also on the list, although more of the kinds of house we would like seem to crop up around Tarporley. We've not really seen places we like in handforth.

Tarporley to glossop is over 40 miles, so that's an 80 mile trip excluding climbs. We're moving out of the city for a bigger place and a garden for the babies growing up.

Looking on ridewithgps, there seems to be a few local routes with around 3000 ft or so, which I suppose is what I have now - it's 10 flat miles from south Manchester to Wilmslow, for example, so a 40 mile ride might have 3000 feet ascent in the middle 20. As you say, there's also a lot of routes across to Wales. Interesting that you say there's cyclists everywhere out that way.

Thanks guys. If I'm honest, I think the other half of this is that is I like the club I'm with. Not only are they a good bunch, they also, unusually, go out at 8am which is better than telling my missus that she'll lose me to the bike for most of Sunday.