Hoping you guys may be able to advise on a new rear gear hanger for a Cube Peloton Pro 2013.

Mine is ever so slightly bent and I am completing a Brussels to London ride starting on Friday, so thought it prudent to take a spare.

I can't for the life of me find the model number and the only other option (if no one here knows) is to take it apart and go on a hunt, which I don't really have time for.

Apologies that this is my first post and I am asking for help!




Chris James [449 posts] 4 years ago

If it is only slightly bent I would get it bent back, either by a bike shop or buy the tool yourself. Ihe internet is full of dire warnings about hangers breaking after being repeatedly bent, but my kids stack their islabikes all the time and I now have teh tool. I have used it on my cross bike too. That's fine.

Be sensible. Bend a little a time, check for cracks.

I don't know what hanger for the Cube though. Can't your LBS or the distributor help?

Have your emailed info [at] cube-bikes.co.uk ?