I have done about 200 miles on my new (second hand) bike and I think that the reach is too far for me as I cannot ride on the hoods in comfort and have trouble applying the breaks. On the drops things are fine just the hoods. I pushed the saddle forward but this did not feel comfortable. I am riding FSA Energy Traditional bars but am thinking that I could use some compact ones or am I barking up the wrong tree? The stem is not that long so do not really want to go shorter on that.




SideBurn [890 posts] 3 years ago

What you need is someone to look at your position and how you look on the bike. It is possible that the position is all wrong or that you are struggling to get used to the bike. Some bike shops will do a bike fit (for a charge).
Alternatively you could get someone to take a picture of you on the bike and assess for yourself whether you look too stretched out.
Simply chopping and changing things is going to be expensive as one of the things that could be too big is the frame.
Paying for a bike fit is your best bet and could be cheaper than experimenting yourself.

therevokid [1017 posts] 3 years ago

you can reach the levers on the drops but not the hoods !!
Maybe move the levers ??