by Paultheagle   June 7, 2014  

I am in the process of putting together my first bike from frame.

I am looking to build a fast tourer/audax - my requirements are:

- 28mm tyres with full mudguards
- Able to fit a rear lightweight rack
- Frame weight “as light as possible” below 1.8kg (carbon forks ok).

My current bike is a ridgeback world voyage 54cm frame with 1055 wheelbase, 71.5 head angle,450 chain stay, 552 top tube,540 seat tube, 74 degree seat angle, 75BB.

i had settled on the kinesis 4S as my frame of choice but as part of the build i have had a consultation with the BS who use the Retul fitting system - the fitter fears that the race geometry will not suit my all day in the saddle style of riding - the 4S has 1005 wheelbase, 73.5 head angle etc, he says 50mm can dramatically change the set up of the bike - fair enough Smile

so....i have whittled it down to the following manufacturers using my current bike size as an EQUIVALENT SIZED FRAME:

BOB JACKSON AUDAX END 2 END 1030WB, 72HA, 435CS, 570TT, 145HT 585ST, 73 SA,
HEWITT CARBON AUDAX 425CS, 548TT, 145HT, 550ST, 73.8 SA,
SPA AUDAX TITANIUM TI 1017WB, 72HA, 2.1 WGT, 425CS, 554TT, 135HT, 540ST, 72.5SA, 62.5BB

i have found it really hard getting the geometry on some of these frames !

bearing in mind the style - what would be your recommendation, which should i go for and why ?

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Please buy my Van Nicholas Yukon frame! It ticks all your boxes inc size. Its on ebay tomorrow- I need the cash for my race bike fund.
Email me if you want details

posted by ajd [24 posts]
8th June 2014 - 0:52

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If you are looking at Roberts, Bob Jackson or Mercian they are custom builders, so within reason the geometry is up to you.

They will measure you up, listen to your preferences for riding style and build the exact frame to fit you.

I've had a Roberts Compact Audax for 8 years. Whatever off-the-peg bikes I ride (and I currently have a Ridley Noah and a TCR Advanced SL) there is nothing like the feeling of getting back on the Roberts. It's like pulling on a glove.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of them - it's more a matter of where you live and being able to get to the workshop to be measured up.

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posted by abudhabiChris [513 posts]
8th June 2014 - 17:00

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You could consider a Burls Audax titanium, then you could have exactly the geometry you want. I've got one, also a Bob Jackson Club Audax. The titanium frame is (obviously) more comfortable than steel and has a lovely 'soft' feel, although this is at least partly because the geometry of the Club audax frame is a bit shorter and more upright. The Burls frame weighs 1500g (without fork or headset). It's perfect for all day riding. You can fit 28mm tyres with full guards.

posted by bikeylikey [162 posts]
8th June 2014 - 17:26

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