Hi all,

Having rode a carrera virtuoso into the ground over the last 5 years I feel I'm due an upgrade! I'm looking to get a new bike which will be used mainly for my daily commute (8 miles each way), but on weekends for rides in the peak district as well as some light touring. None of the guys I go cycling with are massive athletes but do tend to have road bikes so I'm keen not to be left absolutely in their dust. The bike needs to be able to have full mudguards and a rear rack mounted. I can pay around a grand (GBP), but my work makes us get CTW from Evans so limited to them. I've been suggested the Genesis Croix de Fer (swapping in skinnier tyres) (Currently 1150) and the Jamis Quest Elite as options (Currently on sale 900, from 1200) as options. Admittedly they are quite different bikes but both look appealing. My thought is that in a couple of years if I can justify it, I'll buy myself a pure for fun road bike separately, but for now I'm limited to one bike. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Many thanks