My feet hurt... what should/must I do or wear?

by madcyclist   June 3, 2014  

Hello everyone I am new to the forums a bit of a noob to cycling too though been doing it on off for a few years now. Anyway I have been having some foot pain r recently in my feet I dont know what is causing it and have been reading up on different things I can try and I need your help to get rid of this pain... what do I do? I have heard insoles might work? Will they? The pain in my feet centers around the arch and is when I press down on the pedal it starts and gradually gets worse as I pedal. I am currently wearing some thick cycling shoes when I go cycling yet some how something causes the pressure to travel up to my feet.. maybe its lack of arch support in my shoes.. so do I need some soles was about to buy this pair; are they what I am looking for? Or could it be that my feet are super weak and I should stretch them before hand? what do you guys think? Would appreciate some input from you people. thanks!

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So is the pain in your arches, or your achilles and heel as per the other thread?

posted by bashthebox [689 posts]
3rd June 2014 - 20:35


I've had this too in the past. A little break from cycling cured it for me, so it must have been a little pull of a muscle of the foot.

posted by Paul J [711 posts]
3rd June 2014 - 20:41


Insoles are only any good if they support your feet correctly. My wife works in Podiatry and she has said my Specialized shoes have the best insoles in out of the shoes I have had.

Are you using clip in shoes, as it could be the cleat position, could also be the shoes are too tight. Is your position on the bike ok?

posted by Shep73 [162 posts]
5th June 2014 - 14:54