There's a lot of talk about "I like this" or "carbon is best" or all kinds of fluff with saying what bike is best

So rather than thinking up some opinion latest blog article..

..is pictures and brief descriptions of the eighteen bikes that the finishers of the Kernow and SW 600km event used

I'm not saying any of these bikes are "the best" or anything. But the fact is that they all made it round Devon/Cornwall/Somerset/Dorset in 40 hours last weekend


rnarito [47 posts] 3 years ago

Not surprised at all the number of steel framed bikes...after 40 hours in the saddle, you'd need something really comfortable! As the saying goes "it's not the arrow, it's the Indian"...cheers!

CanAmSteve [257 posts] 3 years ago

Steel or titanium for the long-haul. I just wish they'd give up on designed-in obsolescence like integrated headsets on some of the newer titanium frames. There is no problem being solved - it's just fashion

sim1515 [142 posts] 3 years ago

I built up a carbon Ribble 365 and rode it on the BCM 600k the other week, it's shown on the "Some Long Distance Bikes" on same blog here (first bike): http://audaxing.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/some-long-distance-bikes/

You see all sorts of bikes on long audaxes, I don't think the material matters as long as you find the ride comfy and I think the saddle is probably the most important thing. Getting 25mm tires on wide rims seems to help me too I think.

If that's your blog with my bike in it by the way, thanks for making it (me) semi famous! The guy with the ERLM is a friend of mine from my club that I was riding with that weekend, the mudguard mount is a custom job using some meccano!