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by mini123lol   June 2, 2014  

hi im a newbie here and want some help
Im stuck between the allez elite and the most basic tarmac model. My current bike is a heavy steel frame with flat bar shifters on the drops Laughing

Could I have some information and maybe know the weights of the bikes too as this will last me until 2017
Thanks Smile

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Forget about weight and think about geometry and components/materials and if you might upgrade.
That said, if you are moving from heavy steel, both bikes will feel ace in comparison Wink
More seriously, what's your budget and type of riding planned ? Horses for courses and all that (both bikes you are looking at are at the racier/sprint end of the spectrum).

posted by arfa [651 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 21:12

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Hi thanks for the reply my my budget isn't an issue and I plan to be racing I would just really like some pointers on ghe main differnces bar the frame I'm not too fussed about componants either

posted by mini123lol [7 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 21:34

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