What's the more accurate way to measure speed on Garmin 800?

by lisa76uk   June 1, 2014  

I recently bought a Garmin 800 and I'm very pleased with it. I upload my ride data to Garmin Connect and Strava. I noticed a setting to set 'autopause' on or off, I'm guessing this will pause the timer when stationary at traffic lights, etc.

How would having 'autopause' set to on affect the overall average speed recorded for the ride? Would it increase the average speed compared to having the 'autopause' off as it cuts out the sections of 0 velocity? Which would be more accurate?

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Using auto pause will improve your averages or more to the point give you more accurate data due to stop starting.

posted by Shep73 [137 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 5:44


Both measures are equally accurate, they simply measure different things.

With auto pause off, you will get a genuine average speed for your total journey.

With auto pause on, you will get an average speed based solely on the moving time on the bike. This will of course have to be higher.

Garmin connect is quite good in this regard in that it displays both figures for a ride with auto pause off. It has both an average, and a moving average to display, which negates the need to to use auto pause.

posted by giobox [284 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 6:21


Strava will automatically calculate your moving average too

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7378 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 9:15


I keep auto-pause off- as said, Connect, Strava etc will give you "moving average" speed anyway (it's the headline average speed figure on Strava). You can usually tell in a group who's got Garmins with auto-pause on- it's the chorus of bleeps whenever the group stops!

posted by Al__S [544 posts]
2nd June 2014 - 9:32


Thanks for the replies everyone! Good to know it seems not to be a great issue either way.

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posted by lisa76uk [36 posts]
3rd June 2014 - 0:07