Can anyone point me to somewhere in Dorset that hires half decent road bikes? My sister-in-law's partner is visiting in a couple of weeks from California, where he's a triathlon coach, and he wants the opportunity to own my legs and wear them like a medallion of cycling superiority over a long weekend visiting family near Osmington.
Something light with Ultegra-level equipment should see him right.
Many thanks for any leads!  4


Jonnyd [27 posts] 3 years ago

This might help.... http://www.cyclehireinfo.com

Otherwise there is Mud Sweat n Gears in Weymouth and Dorchester, nice bike shops, but dont know if they do hire, or there is Tri Uk in Yeovil, again ace bike/Tri shop, but can't tell you if they do hire.....give them a bell though...hope that helps!