Best vehicle you've ever drafted?

by JackBuxton   May 30, 2014  

**This is all a bit of fun, I'm not exactly condoning it, as its not the brightest idea. We've all done it though!**

On a long descent the other day i managed to tuck in behind a pretty tidy Aston Martin, and this got me wondering what the best car you've ever drafted was? (Would have been an expensive crash if he slammed on his brakes!) The best tow I've got was off of a UPS van that looked to be going way over the speed limit.

Anyway, comment below! Wave

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Orica greenedge team car out to allemende dam from bourg d'oissans last year prior to the team's finishing the rollout .....his offer not me looking for one but it was fun and as he was a professional on closed roads I had no qualms about it I looked pro Party

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1st June 2014 - 17:07


crazy-legs wrote:
I used to draft lorries down the bypass. 3 mile dead straight road, ever so slightly downhill but to get onto it was a bit of a crawl over a bridge. If you could get behind a fully laden lorry as it came off the docks and crawled up that, you were onto a winner. The acceleration once it hit the summit was generally pretty steady and the road was limited to 50mph so they were never going full gas.

No junctions, no lights, good surface meant it was dead easy to sit behind them until they hit the outskirts of town. Fastest I ever had was 57mph on the speedo, spinning out 53-12.

Only once did I ever really shit it when I got dropped and the maelstrom of wind and turbulence that suddenly hit me at 50+mph was terrifying.

I got between two lorries once - slipstreaming one while there was another one behind me (he wasn't there when I started, he'd caught us up en route). I was really worried that if anything happened to me, the lorry behind would just go straight over me but it was all OK. As I swung out into the right hand lane once we were in town (the lorries went straight on in the left hand lane towards the motorway), the rearward truck came alongside me. I thought the driver was going to have a right go but instead he leaned out and shouted "you were doing 50 mile an hour then mate, f***ing well impressive! You should ride the Tour de France!"


Breaking Away, anyone?

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1st June 2014 - 19:09


An elderly horse box emerging from the Cheshire County Show last year and making its asthmatic way up the gentle incline towards Pickmere.

I averaged 20mph on a section I usually struggle to achieve 14mph.

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1st June 2014 - 19:16

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Hearses (empty I hasten to add). Shaped like a speed record pacing car and big windows so you can see right through, plus the drivers have a tendency to speed up and slow down very smoothly...

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2nd June 2014 - 7:09


msw wrote:
Hearses (empty I hasten to add).

Probably not "empty" as hearses generally carry the coffin for their next "appointment" in the space under the one on view...

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2nd June 2014 - 9:21


A car trailer - one of those very boxy things with the body mounted really low to the floor and carrying a sports car or whatever, with me just leiurely cruising along at 28mph.

I think my fastest drafting though was on the chaingang. The clubrun was running a little late and a few guys needed to get back soonish, so rather than the scenic backroads back into Manchester, we took the dual carrigeway - A6 out near Buxton - there was about 12 of us absolutely flying on a slight downhill, and I looked to my right to see a car full of people gawping as they overtook us.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

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2nd June 2014 - 9:38


Saturday I was behind an agricultural unit - not exactly sure what I would call it - like a tractor but all four (very large) wheels are the same size and its main purpose is probably to drag machinery around, rather than be in the fields ploughing or whatever. It has a decent road gear that means it can travel at 30mph pulling a very large trailer / box thing that is about 10ft tall and wide. On a reasonably flat road, with not too much uphill, it is excellent for loads of draft although after about 2.5 miles my legs were beginning to burn. Fortunately it turned off at that point so I could pretend I would have been able to hold on for a bit longer Smile

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2nd June 2014 - 11:10

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I live next to a council depot so on occasion I get to draft an old JCB telescopic handler. It's like following a tank for 5 miles as you can tuck right in there out of harms way, no one messes with you at junctions either.

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2nd June 2014 - 11:36


Empty brick lorry, got on the back of it in the 30 limit and off we went...


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2nd June 2014 - 12:06

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What a refreshing change to read something about drafting and not have all the holier-than-thous coming on saying you shouldn't do it, it's dangerous, what if yadda yadda happened...

I don't draft as often as I used to, because I am an old git now and less confident of my abilities. I used to like tractors because they wouldn't go much over 25 and that was enough for me. Buses are annoying because they stop too often and don't seem to be able to modulate the brake pedal, and the exhaust is usually right there at the back. Lorries and vans can be trickier because they usually speed up outside of my spinning envelope and the break-off can be a fright.

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2nd June 2014 - 12:50


got a tractor couple of weeks back 7 miles at a nice comfy 27mph.( He did pull in at one point to let a couple of cars past, but he soon caught and past me again. )

Tried to catch a truck this morning, he pulled away from the junction, I managed to get behind then spun upto 35mph and ran out of gears Sad bit of buffeting as I dropped back.

Moral, I need bigger gears.

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2nd June 2014 - 14:01


At Uni I used to draft pizza delivery mopeds - not a great tow but great fun knowing they were on a delivery deadline Devil

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2nd June 2014 - 15:07

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Got behind a combine harvester on a busy A road for a couple of miles on Sunday.
Not fast by any means (about 20mph) but i only had to turn the pedals once on what would have been an otherwise very tedious and windy slog.
Added bonus was that it held up traffic behind so didnt have to contend with cars whizzing past at 60mph.

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2nd June 2014 - 16:01


The #38 bus coming out of Paisley to my place. It's not a mega climb but it still goes up. Jumped on leaving the high street and it was one of those occasions where it didn't stop for about a mile. When the driver did pull in I had the gumption to swing out and it was like getting a sling shot as I was on the flat by that stage. Went shooting past the line of moving traffic in front of said bus and briefly taking in their faces of astonishment as I passed was a great experience.

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2nd June 2014 - 23:07


I used to ride before 7am and if I timed my departure right I could pick up the Park n Ride bus on it's way out to the start of the journey, no stopping but only a short 1 mile stretch of drafting at 25 mph on my SS.
There is a set of lights where I've pulled up behind HGVs or had them pass me on the approach to the lights knowing I can take advantage of the acceleration off the lights. Slow away from the lights and what felt like a relatively slow speed was infact 30+mph. When the HGV pulled away the dust etc kicked up soon hit me.

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2nd June 2014 - 23:30


I tend to get good tows from tractors, esp on main roads where they're fast with no harsh acceleration or braking.

Lorries I've tried, but after one did something like an emergency stop on me, (he didn't know I was there), I'll never do it again..

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3rd June 2014 - 2:07


What worries me is the lorries behind trying to draft me!

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3rd June 2014 - 7:55


Got a nice tow Saturday behind a silage harvester, perfect for drafting as the exhaust is up high on it so no fumes. 20mph max speed so not the quickest but it was just when the legs were starting to tire on a drag of a hill.

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3rd June 2014 - 9:43


mrmo wrote:

Moral, I need bigger gears.

Huh, you never see this in the compact v standard debate! Devil

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3rd June 2014 - 13:00

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a derny.

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3rd June 2014 - 14:59

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Picked up a draft off an HGV at a set of lights today, totally silent 30mph freewheel. The wind kicked in as soon as I pulled out to turn right.

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4th June 2014 - 0:20

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Balloon tyred tractors. Best I had was on a 3 km stretch....but it was towing a slurry tank....It was a bit whiffy. Over 60 kph for the most part of the journey with very little effort....another time on a twistier road...I actually had to overtake a tractor as it was too slow...about 50 kph. ..lifted the rear wheel right off the ground as I pushed past it...running 53/11....


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4th June 2014 - 8:35

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I had to draft a manic loaghtan sheep up a hill here a few months ago. Was in front for like 5 whole minutes......strong.

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4th June 2014 - 12:31


Around where I live we still have a fleet of electric milk floats. They are great for drafting. Usually when they spot me they jump on my wheel. They usually get dropped when I'm pushing 15 mph though Rolling On The Floor

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5th June 2014 - 23:41


I got this thread all wrong Nerd

I was going to say recently a Bentley and an Aston Rolling On The Floor

Actually the cars mentioned above are true, just not as good as the dust cart last week, although the smell meant it was a short tow then overtake Sick

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6th June 2014 - 8:32


Tractor again for me, 28mph uphill for 5 miles till I was unable to hang on any longer as the gradient picked up. Turned off soon after so I could pretend I meant to be dropped. Smile

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6th June 2014 - 20:09


little pissy 50cc scooters, dropped a few of them afterwards as well on the downhills.

best one ever had a woman in head to toe high viz, she must have been 16-17 stone,

got so many thumbs up from other road users ha ha ah a ha ha

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9th June 2014 - 22:09


Tractor and trailor on a narrow road - they don't stop quick and nothing is getting past them so you can sit in the middle of the road. Also they seem to indicate to turn off well in advance... Day Dreaming

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10th June 2014 - 14:54


Flying Scot wrote:
For touring, a JCB is bliss, they do about 20 mph constant and decelerate slowly, nice high exhaust too and with a flashing orange light.

Absolutely agree. I used to commute from Handsworth to Wolverhampton Poly. Two or three times a week, I would catch a JCB travelling from a road construction site in Darlaston to a depot in Handsworth. It made life much easier!


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10th June 2014 - 15:30

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Recently drafted a tractor at 23mph - rode 10ft behind it and still felt the pull, not that fast but my first drafting experience - loved it!

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10th June 2014 - 16:05