The Traffic Droid on C4's The Complainers

by bikeboy76   May 28, 2014  

As someone who works in customer service (yep I answer the phone) I was interested to watch The Complainers on C4 last night. Perhaps just seeking validation for begrudging the small proportion of slack jawed morons I talk to daily, who are too busy, enraged or self absorbed to let me help them (deep sighs), or just some who don't understand there are limitations on what I can do down a phoneline; I tuned in.

Sadly the show was an unedifying collage of half stories without any conclusions. With little more than snippets of ranting loons to play it had to bulk up with some 'personalities' so step forward Traffic Droid Lewis, patrolling the streets of London with GoPros, whistles, horns, lights and a red card.

His style is somewhat confrontational to motorists, a little preachy to other cyclists, and a whole lot holier-than-thou to everyone. Though I did see him cruising down the centre of a lane approaching a bus which was edging out to overtake a slower moving cyclist who was on the left, thus causing himself to get pinched and rather irate. I wonder what he expected the bus driver to be doing or looking at. I wonder sometimes why anyone follows buses so closely.

Here are some of the usual sources of informed debate; though the Mail suggests Lewis is clad in black lycra (I didn't see a jot of lycra on him)

He has been out and about on Youtube with the likes of CyclingGaz for a while but last nights show has got him splashed about the papers and reviews. I think some might think he is a little militant in his approach.


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OTT if you ask me. Unsubscribed from his YT channel last night.

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posted by Redvee [175 posts]
29th May 2014 - 0:24


Does nothing good.
Just serves to fuel the stereotype many drivers hold of cyclists.
I think his intentions started out as good perhaps, but now he seems to look for the trouble, and like in the OP put him self into the positions of danger on purpose. All in the name of YouTube views...

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posted by glynr36 [639 posts]
29th May 2014 - 10:28


Is he the same bloke who was on tv a while ago ?

If he is then i found him a complete tool the first time so giving him even more air time has probably knocked cycling back a few years.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

posted by stumps [3237 posts]
29th May 2014 - 10:33


He is a moron. Talk about "going into battle on the streets of London" is hardly going to help anything. Judging by the footage shown he has a nice habbit of looking for trouble.

posted by Maggers [62 posts]
29th May 2014 - 11:04


It certainly isn't healthy. I cant fathom how he finds the time to do it, does he not work?

Could you imagine going for a drink with him? Bloody hell, having your pint filmed from 27 different angles and him dishing out red cards if you get salted instead of dry roasted.

Christ, what if your pisses end up in synch?

posted by farrell [1945 posts]
29th May 2014 - 11:10


farrell wrote:
Christ, what if your pisses end up in synch?

Might get his rule out...

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posted by glynr36 [639 posts]
29th May 2014 - 11:15


Saw this too, the way in which it was presented/edited provided a bit of laugh if nothing else.

I agree with the other comments that he seems to do more harm than good in terms of his outwardly aggressive (if reasonably well-intended) manner, although I was surprised with the relative apathy, perhaps even contempt, with which he seemed to be treated by the TfL staff... One would assume that they might take it seriously if someone had had an altercation with something like a bus, but they just seemed to shrug it off. Indeed, that young bus driver that got sent on a "customer care" course towards the end just saw that as a waste of his time.

I take it though that his regular commute and the sort of incidents he got involved in *weren't* representative of what the majority experience whilst cycling through London?! If they are, I'm rather glad I don't live there!

posted by parksey [362 posts]
29th May 2014 - 11:31


If you go out with five cameras on your person/bike, I can only conclude you are looking for trouble. Sure there are some bad drivers/cyclists out there but if you go looking for trouble in London, you will soon regret seeking it out.
Riding in London is not that bad if you avoid busy traffic pinch points but this guy seems to want to assert his "rights" in all situations. No point being "right" if you end up being "dead right".

posted by arfa [651 posts]
29th May 2014 - 22:07


And just to add more fuel to the fire he is also on the itv shit stir show. Sick


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [734 posts]
5th June 2014 - 19:44


These guys are drawing too much attention, it's only a matter of time before they start getting mugged for their camera's as the scum must be taking notice.

I mean you could just pinch this guys helmet, though it would be a 2 man lift and you wouldn't be able to run with it.

All Campag

posted by Flying Scot [892 posts]
5th June 2014 - 20:58


Flying Scot wrote:'s only a matter of time before they start getting mugged for their camera's as the scum must be taking notice.

There was a time when he rode with only two cameras, front & rear and he left the cameras running when he went into a shop. The cameras were securely mounted to the bike but that didn't stop some low life attempting to remove them from his bike, all captured on film.

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posted by Redvee [175 posts]
7th June 2014 - 8:52

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