I'm looking at brake systems for my commuter/cyclocross bike. I currently run a flat bar with Avid speed dial 5 levers paired to an Avid BB5 disc on front and a Shimano M410 v brake on rear.

My reason for this post is because I've been looking at running a v brake on front, or getting a universal disc mount and running a second mechanical disc on the rear or going to cantilevers or a combination of front disc canti rear.

My theory is that v brakes offer ample stopping power, cheap to maintain and are easy to set up, with mud and tyre clearance (esp. on the front) being the issue. cantis offer good mud clearance, bit lack power and are annoying to set up. and then mechanical discs sit between the two, good power but fiddly to set up sometimes. I don't have loafd of experience with discs apart from the BB5 which to me feels just as powerful as a v brake.

hydraulic discs are out of the question due to cost and maintainance.

Am I just overthinking this whole thing?