Hello all, first time poster here and some help required!

I currently ride a Carrera Zelos which I picked up a few years ago for about £300. I'll be 18 by the time I come to buy it, 5' 9" height, slim build etc. Come August, I'll be looking at getting a new bike and have whittled my choice down to 2 favourites - both German. The first is the Rose Pro SL-2000 and the second is the Canyon Roadlite AL 6.0.

The Rose is customisable as usual and for a wee smidge over a grand, I can get full Shimano 105 5700 with an Ultegra cassette, Mavic Cosmic Elite S wheelset, Ritchey cockpit plus carbon fork. Prologo Kappa saddle as well.
The Canyon comes in at £899 with full 105 gruppo but a HG81 cassette. Also comes with Mavic Aksium wheelset and similar Ritchey cockpit and carbon fork. This one with a Selle Italia XI SE saddle.

For those who have experience of either bike or just know there stuff, could anyone recommend which would be the better bike to go for. The Rose or the Canyon with a few upgrades (with the change). Which bike would be considered to be best for me?

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herrkaa [5 posts] 3 years ago

Always a difficult choice, but here is a bit of info to help you along.
The German "Tour" magazine had a test of 15 bikes under 1500 euros in their March 2014 edition:

Part of this was the Canyon AL 8.0 and the Rose Team GF-2000.
It's in German, natuerlich, but with Google Translate you can figure out the salient points.
They liked the Canyon a bit better, for its lighter weight and excellent stability. The position on the bike is a bit more stretched out, yet they found it very comfortable.
The Rose frame was called a bit heavy, but they thought that was compensated by the very good fork and the excellent groupset and wheels.

You have to see how close your dream bikes are to those two, for this review to make sense.

If you ask me, I have a Canyon CF SL with Campy Chorus, and I'm very happy with it. Every year I'm looking for ways to upgrade and I can't find any obvious weakness.
As for your choices, I like the design of the Rose better, including the custom configuration options. Canyon is more like "take it or leave it".


37038 [15 posts] 2 years ago

Cheers for the help there. I was leaning towards the Rose but now I'm pretty set on it. It looks nicer, excellent upgrade options and that rarity factor  21 Never seen one out and about in last 4 years but seen plenty of Canyons (not that that's a good basis on which to buy a bike!)

Thanks again for the link