Apologies in advance for my stupid questions. After years as a MTBer I bit the bullet last month and bought a second hand road bike for what I thought was a bargain. It's a 2005 alloy Bianchi with some upgraded kit.

However, on taking it out for a proper ride I noticed the spokes weren't correctly tensioned on the rear which buckled the wheel. On taking it to my local shop (Ealing Cycles) I was told the Ksyrium SLs had corroded nipples and I'd need the spokes replacing and the wheels refurbished. It turns out the spokes aren't cheap.

So the mechanic suggested I could get an even lighter pair of wheels with steel spokes that still look sexy (very important that) which ride nicer than the Ksyriums. He suggested something with an Ultegra hub but I zoned out a bit because my washing machine was leaking. I'm not planning on joining a team as a sprinter any time soon so I guess I don't need mega-stiffness in the wheels. Any advice on a decent set of wheels that would suit a newbie like me who likes a smooth ride would be grateful. Ta.


JonMack [169 posts] 3 years ago

Depending on your budget I'd suggest something handbuilt rather than factory bought. These would be a good shout, and will be strong enough to withstand anything.


Alternatively you can go lighter with something like a Kinlin rim on Novatec hubs. There are all sorts of options.

In case this seems like an advert I'll add a disclaimer, I don't work for The Cycle Clinic but I've seen first hand how good Malcolm's wheels are as my dad has a set and thoroughly recommend him.

Alternatively if you want to buy something factory then the standard "cheap light strong, pick two" saying comes to mind, I can't really recommend any factory wheels as generally speaking I think they're terrible value for money.

darrenleroy [232 posts] 3 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention I have a Campag rear cassette which limits my options considerably.