Bib shorts for short man!

by madindehead   May 22, 2014  

Hello all,

I am going to be making my first foray into road cycling very good. I am currently looking for some nice bib shorts to wear when out for long rides.

I have one problem however: I am 5'5" tall with around a 32" waist (possibly more, I'm a bit chubby, but slowly working it off!) Even when I do lose all the excess weight, I'm probably going to be around a 30" waist, simply because I have quite a stocky build.

Can anyone give me any tips for finding decent bib shorts? All the size guides seem to indicate that people my height should have tiny chests (36" to 38" inches when I'm around 40").

Thanks for your help

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The chest measurement doesn't really factor with bib shorts. Ignore it.

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1623 posts]
22nd May 2014 - 22:46


There are also non-bib shorts, just saying, some people prefer 'em. These days it's considered "cool" to have the bib shorts, various "serious" cycling people say they are "better" for all sorts of amusing reasons. Try something on in a shop and you may get a better idea of whether you really want to be a bib short wearer or not.

posted by chokofingrz [403 posts]
23rd May 2014 - 1:17


Ignore the chest size and look for something that fits your arse and legs. If between sizes try another make or go down a size.
I am a touch taller and use small or medium.
More importantly think about leg length. Too long and you will look like Don Estelle. And you will look like Wiggins who has no style at all.
Shutt VR shorts are a touch shorter than most but still not Sean Yates short. I use a medium in theirs as I was a good 32 waist but small would fit well now.

posted by mattsccm [316 posts]
23rd May 2014 - 6:54


I'm 5'6" with a 32" waist and I just got a pair of Assos bibshorts from the Assos outlet store on line. Followed their sizing chart and went for the small size. Perfect fit; snug without being restrictive and keeps the pad in just the right place.

posted by keef66 [44 posts]
29th May 2014 - 15:28


I go with height on this one...last thing you want is tight straps!

posted by Al'76 [127 posts]
29th May 2014 - 18:06


Get some cheap ones - dhb, decathalon etc You will soon drop the weight and then buy some better ones - Assos for example

posted by dunnoh [215 posts]
30th May 2014 - 21:02


Ace thanks Smile

I was going to buy a pair of the dhb Race bib shorts, as they have very good reviews. I'll have to save some pennies for the Assos bib Big Grin

posted by madindehead [44 posts]
30th May 2014 - 21:13