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by Mr Mike   May 22, 2014  

Hi all, How has road bike geometry changed since the 80's? Has the advent of new materials allowed for differing geometrys to be used in modern bikes and if so, how do these changes affect teh ride etc. I ask becasue i'm looking for a 1986 de rosa frame and am interested as to where it will feel it's age and why?



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Ooh, great question. While everyone is preparing an answer, can I chip in and ask them to what extent touring frames might also be affected (or not)? My custom Dave Yates was built in 1988 specifically as a road tourer, and apart from the sloping top tubes that have become normal since then, how have the "main frame angles" evolved, if at all? And by that I mean:
Head tube angle
Seat tube angle
(equivalent horizontal) top tube length
height of BB centre above ground
fork rake/offset.

Could do an actual in-depth article on this, if it actually has happened please?

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26th May 2014 - 8:48

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26th May 2014 - 16:19

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