Hi all,

This is my first post so thanks for reading, felt like I needed some support from somewhere! I apologise in advance for my grammar, I have a head full of codeine and have slept about 3 hours the last 2 evenings.

I'm 24, a fairly keen cyclist, around 70 - 100 miles a week so far this year (17-20mph ave), and have been building to do a century for a few months now. So while doing the last 3 miles off my first 50 mile ride last week, I was hit from behind by an impatient drunk (alleged) driver, on a country road (I wont say where just in case of prying eyes).

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He was arrested that evening, around an hour later for being suspected of driving whilst unfit, and also for fleeing the scene off an accident. The individual was held over night in custody and interviewed the next day at lunch time.

Im really badly shaken, aching from hitting the road, pissed off that my beloved caad8 is ruined, and most off all, raging that I still havent broken 50 on strava!

Im just wondering if anyone else has had a simliar experience? Or how I should be dealing with this? I have spoken to my solicitor, he is pretty good and hopefull to get me back on the road with an up front payment from the other drivers insurance.


Gkam84 [9113 posts] 3 years ago

I was hit a while back. I wont go into detail because it is a different situation from yourself.

From reading your description, it should be a fairly cut and shut case.

If he is insured, you claim against that for damages to your bike, personal trauma (that includes damage to yourself, time off work, any treatment you may need from professional, including things like chiropractors, physio....etc)

I'm sure your solicitor will go through all that though.

The police will deal with him.....WELL, they will deal with it as they see fit to, it will be pasted onto the CPS, but don't hold your breath about all the charges sticking.

Leaving the scene should be enough to get it to court, along with causing the accident. Depending on the proof of him being unfit, either through drink or drugs, that will be down to the evidence they have on it.

Basically, if your solicitor is dealing with it and it has been reported to the police. That is as much as you need to do. The process should be simple enough unless his insurance decide to challenge it, which is based on what he tells them and what information the police can pass onto them.

Hope you recover well and get back on the road in a reasonable time.

OldRidgeback [2877 posts] 3 years ago

All the best, sounds like a horrible experience. Good that the two female drivers stayed and helped. Their witness accounts will really help too. By the sounds of it, the guy's behaviour suggests this isn't a first with regard to anti social behaviour. I doubt the cops are particularly keen on him. The solicitor should help you out and you should get a replacement bike soon enough. Hopefully he'll get his day in court and his just deserts.

Heal up and get back on the bike. Idiots like him are mercifully few and far between.

Daveyraveygravey [578 posts] 3 years ago

Sounds terrible, hope you make a speedy recovery and get to spend some insurance money on a shiny new bike!

If you haven't all ready, make your own notes of everything you can remember about the day. All the contact details of the two ladies, the sequence of events etc. In a week's time, it won't be so easy to remember the exact details and you may need them at some point.

The perp sounds like a real scumbag, I guess knowing he was drunk partially explains some of his behaviour, but with b&stards like him on the roads, you just have to hope you don't come across them too often. I agree with the "Space for cycling" campaign, and would love to see dedicated cycling infrastructure, but it is never going to be a help in cases like this. There should be some kind of awareness campaign that cyclists have as much right to use the roads as anyone else, and that if you can't overtake something in front of you safely and with consideration, just wait a few minutes.

flashgordon200 [1 post] 3 years ago

Thanks for all the replies!

I'd have to agree oldridgeback, total scumbag, he was only concerned about himself and getting offside before the police arrived. Didnt work as he has been charged with 3 seperate offences lol.
I think there really needs to be some sort of aggressive driving/assualt with a motor vehicle charge introduced for these type of incidents, a man on a 10 kilo bicycle has no chance against over a ton of steel! If it had off been my wife or an older person they would have easily come away with broken bones or worse.

Anyway, its nothing a new bike and gear wont sort out! Hopefully going to put some money towards it and upgrade to a caad10.

levermonkey [681 posts] 3 years ago

Don't forget to ask for 'consideration'. This is payment for hurt as well as injuries. You are entitled to ask for it, don't be shy!

Good luck and keep on top of your solicitor. Hope you have a speedy recovery and are back on the road ASAP. You are clearly in deep shock as you have not mentioned whether the two ladies were pretty or not.  4

dafyddp [454 posts] 3 years ago

Even if you're not a member, it may well be worth talking to CTC or British Cycling, they might be able to provide your solicitor with specific advise (I understand their legal teams are extremely helpful). Also, although we're all clearly responsible here, it might not be a good idea to discuss too extensively online if the case hasn't come to court yet.

Good luck though, and pleased you're looking forward to getting back on your bike.