Lightweight alloy wheels

by Slide89   May 20, 2014  


I was looking for a new set of lightweight wheels that will be strong enough for my 88-90kg build. My budget is c.£500 and so far I have found these:

There seems to be little to choose between the two. The Black Series is lighter (by 20g!) and has a higher spoke count (24/28), but it's a newer name in he market. On the other hand, FFWD is more recognised and comes with DT240s hubs, which I have heard good things about, as well as wheelbase, skewers etc.

Does anyone have any experience or opinion on this?


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just to muddy the waters a bit:

Novatec Sprints ( are sub-1400g for less than £500

Pro-Lite Bracciano A27s are around 1,500g for just over £300, and they're hard to beat as all-round wheels

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7783 posts]
20th May 2014 - 20:29

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I've just bought some Cero AR30 wheels from Cycle Division for £350.
Stated weight is 1395grams, actual weight (as weighed by my luggage scales) is 1410grams so pretty close. No upper weight limit as far as i can see & got a 10/10 in a review by Cycling Weekly (i think)

posted by muddydwarf [27 posts]
20th May 2014 - 21:10


and to make it even harder, you could consider a hand built wheel set like this one - top quality rim with wear indicator and Dura Ace 11 speed hubs with, I think, some of the nicest QR skewers around; slightly over budget though...

posted by Metjas [338 posts]
21st May 2014 - 9:41


For a few dollars more, take a look at the Dura Ace C24s. Can't recommend these highly enough

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21st May 2014 - 10:04


Another option to confuse you... Campag Neutron Ultras are lovely wheels - about the same weight as those you've listed and a bit cheaper.

Had mine about 18 months and love them. Very stiff, light and solidly built. (I'm upwards of 90kg and have hit numerous potholes with no adverse effects) . Although they are a bugger to get tyres on / off!

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21st May 2014 - 10:13


Will also muddy the water here, Stans Notubes Alpha ztr 340's are about bang on £500 on Strada i think, somewhere around 1255g fully built.

I've a set with a powertap in and they're still light as. Most solid wheels I've ever ridden as well, they take a bashing, I race on them, they're beautiful. <3

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posted by mooleur [542 posts]
21st May 2014 - 11:14

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@Slide89 - you weren't looking for this lot to help you make a simple decision between just 2 products were you?! Laughing

I like the blingness of riding FFWD or Tune wheels (even if they are wiggle exclusive). Cero are indeed meant to be very good - these plus a new pair of cycling shoes perhaps?!

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3682 posts]
21st May 2014 - 11:26

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Haha I was, but the suggestions have been useful indeed! Leaning towards the Braccianos or Ceros now...

Thanks for the all the input though Smile

posted by Slide89 [6 posts]
21st May 2014 - 12:22


I agree with Dave on the Bracciano A27s.

I'm 'only' 80kg in total when commuting.

That is about 72kg weight, plus a duffel bag of about 8kg (easier to bend around your back when windy) . Plus pies!

These wheels have taken a pounding over 18 months and still run smooth.

I've done minimal maintenance e.g. a bit of grease etc, and it is all good.

They go uphill very well (e.g. From personal experience (Mt Keira 400m uphill over 5.8km). A couple of locals (winners) in my club use them on racedays.

I can't afford carbon and budget wise these wheels aren't too bad at all.

Anyway, good luck with whatever wheels you choose.


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21st May 2014 - 14:08


One of the girls here uses Cero and they feel mega light, saw on cycling weekly they're going super cheap at the mo Smile

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posted by mooleur [542 posts]
21st May 2014 - 14:19


I'm in the same weight range as the OP and can't fault the Braccianos.

Mine have at least 2000 miles on them and are still round, true and fast rolling. I can freewheel downhill faster than any of my mates lol.

They also climb nicely, although if you are a masher like me and have a Ti frame, you may find yourself pulling the wheel out of the dropouts occasionally - keeping the dropouts clean and investing in open cam skewers should sort it though.

I tried all that twiddly spinning up a hill nonsense... It wasn't for me.

My eyes prefer Celeste, my bum prefers titanium.

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posted by Jack Osbourne snr [375 posts]
22nd May 2014 - 19:21


If you can find them, American Classics Victory 30's. I've had mine over a year now and they're robust, light & very fast. They're aimed at heavier riders, so no chance of flexing either

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posted by s_lim [153 posts]
23rd May 2014 - 12:42