Finally took the plunge and got myself a Wilier GTR 2014. Wanted the flouro/yellow/green-black but they have no more stocks, had to settle for the matte-red/black.

Just finished adjusting, fine tuning, installing the bottle cages and polished the frame. Somehow, a matte finish paint job can be polished too and even though it doesn't shine, it's as smooth as baby's butt! (no, i did not molest any baby's butt for comparison...  3 )

Though, with the bike in my room now, on closer inspection, the frame looks very solid and with all the internally routed cables, it looks mighty clean.

Alas, the handlebar that came with it is way too small... 38cm c-2-c!! I'm gonna suffer on climbs until I swapped it! The stem is 100mm and if I am not mistaken, it is 0 degree... Even after I slammed it, it looks to be pointing up...

The Shimano RS11 wheels looks good but is quite heavy and definitely had to be upgraded.

The brakes look flimsy and it also has plastic parts... Doesn't inspire confidence at all, even though they look great going with the bike's color scheme.

The crank looks oh-kay but the arms looks cheapo. Gonna put in an Ultegra 53-39 since the cassette is 11-28. Better resale value in the future when I swap in Campagnolo's Chorus.

Upgrade question:
For the stem, handle bar and seat post, should I slot in Deda? How about PRO by Shimano? Their Vibe 7s received plenty of good feedbacks. Might go for Fizik's Cyrano too...  39

Saddle, I am planning on Fizik's Antares. Any good alternative?

Wheels, probably Reynold's Assault. Or should I use Shamal Ultra to go with the Chorus in the future?

Thanks for the tips  1


Flying Scot [1005 posts] 3 years ago

Crank looks nicer than those big lumpy Shimano ones.

Campag will suit it nice, get rid of those lumpy looking shifters in the future.

It's italian, so stems and bars from Cinelli would be smart, I would only use Pro on a bike that was all Shimano.