OK so, I have read hundreds of these and know the answer to many,,, it is about the feel of the bike as to which one suits. But i am continually getting conflicting information for everyone...

Had 2 hand me downs... Langster and CB Comp. Langster now stolen. CB comp too small. Both have been great fun.

So new bike...

Sold my car to pay for bike too. So I use my bike as my sole means of transport now, work, supermarket shops (large rucksack) etc... So i need a workhorse, one that I can still ride in wet weather and at least attach a form of mudguard, maybe change tires in winter months etc etc. I don't have a garden or shed to store, so wont be cleaned as often as Id like so needs to be fairly robust but will be kept inside most of the time at night etc.

Budget started around £600,,, now I'm contemplating £1000 as struggling to fine something suitable...

I am a 6 ft 2 rugby player often with knee, back twinges etc.... although only 27,
so LBS's have pointed me in direction of Giant Defy's, Specialized Secteurs and Cannondale Synapses, but after having riding all three I felt deflated.... They all felt a little boring to me, there was no real urge for me to race between journey points and seeing as i don't do any long rides (yet) I want something that will excite me...

Basically long story short I want the world (the whole world)  21 .... Does anyone know of or can recommend any bikes that:

1. Can be my stable workhorse reliable and fairly solid; doesn't need racks as use rucksack.
2. Ride with EXCITEMENT to them
3. Look good
4. Around £600-£1000.

Doesn't even have to be new, or 2014 model. Just needs to cover all the bases... Have come to conclusion that a better frame is more important, as I can upgrade and replace parts over time... and appreciate the budget isn't huge..

This looks beautiful, but I'm struggling to find many reviews or people that have tried anywhere....


Have also looked;
Cube Peloton Race
Trek Domane 2.1
Project X Carbon

From what I can see specialized give poor components for price etc

Any other suggestions or advice would be genuinely appreciated, particularly as this is my hard cash as donut qualify for c2w as SE...

Prefer to always pay extra for quality...



Flying Scot [1005 posts] 3 years ago

Planet X pro carbon 11 speed ?

amole29 [3 posts] 3 years ago

Yep... Thats the one...

GREGJONES [298 posts] 3 years ago

How about a Kinesis, perhaps the 4S or a T2/3

fairly light and well designed frames,
room for mudguards,
You can even start with teh frame and build up with the spec you fancy,

If your a 6'2" rugby player then perhaps hand-built wheels might be a a better option over factory wheels that are often replaced later anyway.


I've seen examples on ebay that seemed fairly good value too

glynr36 [637 posts] 3 years ago

I'm not quite sure on this 'excitement' you're on about?
The bikes you rode weren't race geo, which gives for a sharper/quicker handling bike and if you have all those injuries/twinges then a race geo bike isn't going to be ideal for you.

Simon E [3174 posts] 3 years ago

If a Defy is "boring" then I really don't know what you're looking for.  39

If you like the CB why not get another? For a four season bike with proper mudguards and clearance for 25/28mm tyres perhaps a Kinesis or Genesis Equilibrium.

If you're keeping it in the house then surely it should be cleaned more often, not less. Perhaps crud on the carpet doesn't matter to you but a poorly maintained bike will not be exciting, it will feel rough, parts will wear out faster and it's more likely to let you down.

The market is awash with great bikes, you just need to grasp the nettle and choose. It's not difficult. None of us can do it for you because we all have varying opinions and requirements. Some reading material at http://road.cc/buyers-guide

matthewn5 [1094 posts] 3 years ago

+1 for what he said above.

BigAl68 [72 posts] 3 years ago

Planet X pro carbon. Comes with ultegra 6800. Great bike for a grand

Cantab [102 posts] 3 years ago

Love my Planet X Pro Carbon, and it's even better now it comes with 6800 (I know you're not that bothered about components but even 6700 shifts as smooth as a baby's bottom).

Other options that I strongly considered before getting the Pro Carbon were:

Canyon Roadlite AL 6.0 (alu frame with carbon fork and chainstays, shimano 105, Mavic Akisum wheels all for ~£850-900)

B'twin Alur 700 (Alu frame, carbon fork, shimano 105 with internal cable routing; only £750. I started out on a B'twin Triban 3, which still is a fantastic ride, and an early review of the alur 700 by road.cc suggested the Alur 700 is cut from the same cloth http://road.cc/content/news/111539-first-ride-b%E2%80%99twin-alur-700).

amole29 [3 posts] 3 years ago

Thanks for all the answers and help. It is appreciated.
I will look into the Genesis' and the Kinesis..
Canyon roadlite looks good.. another one to consider...

Glynr36 is right i do need to just pick one as there are many good ones out there but thats why i just got baffled.

So to help me with final decision....Do you specifically need an all season bike or another separate winter one? Or can most road bikes be modded slightly to fit a winter profile?

And does anyone know anything of http://www.wiggle.co.uk/colnago-strada-sl-wiggle-honda-tiagra-2014/

Or does it not compare to other bikes that are in play?

Thanks again...

kenong [24 posts] 3 years ago

Colnago's bikes are quite famous and the Strada SL is pretty light weight for an alu material frame.

If you like Italian brand name, then you can consider this one. The paint job is top notch but the welding is not that good. Pick a black colored one if you are peculiar about looks  16

Harryb2996 [13 posts] 3 years ago

Felt are a good try for a first bike. Cheap, reliable and very robust. Wiggle's probably the best for Felts

Lungsofa74yearold [293 posts] 3 years ago

This ticks all your boxes - very balanced package, wheels are particular highlight. Downside is its mail order from Germany - as with Canyon you need to be absolutely sure about size and geometry before you buy http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-ro...
Personally, I'd avoid carbon for a do it all machine. Have fun choosing.

Scoob_84 [435 posts] 3 years ago

Cannondale CAAD8 105

Pick up a previous years model for super cheap on pauls cycles. Light weight, fast, reasonably aggressive but slightly more relaxed that their out and out race bikes. Your probably around a 56cm frame size, but check the charts.

gthornton101 [160 posts] 3 years ago

I ride a Canyon Roadlite and it is superb. However, you will struggle to fit a decent set of mudguards (no mounting eyelets) or tyres above 25mm. Having said that I use it on my commute and with a Full Windsor mudguard hanging off the back it is still great.

For more of an all rounder I would definitely take a look at Kinesis or Genesis - you'll probably get disc brakes too for around the £1000 mark which you will benefit in the wetter months!