Good afternoon all, my first post here. I have not been on a road bike for nearly 40 years, apart from a 35 mile ride last year on a steel road bike from the 1980's. So i have decided now to get a Merida Ride 94. I am 180 cm. tall with an 80 cm in seam. My LBS have reccomended a 54cm, i sat on a Merida with the same geometery and it felt ok, also went for a short test ride and came back with a sore neck. Is that to be expected?. also i was told if i ordered a bike they would not cut the steerer and would flip the stem. and make adjustments as necassary. So do i go with this or try a 56? is a bike that's too small as bad as one that's too big. I would really appreciate your help and advice.