Don't really know my way around. Picked a team for the Giro - included Dan Martin, so had to change him
How do I see how I am getting on, Do you have to join a league. Don't really understand


Joelsim [1975 posts] 4 years ago

There are links on the bottom right where all your scores are. You can join other leagues if you like too.

You are best to look at your team every day, and possibly change people according to their positions in the General, Mountains, Points and Youth categories.

For instance, next stage is a sprint stage so you would be advised to have sprinters, then the following stage is a medium mountains where other riders will probably win. Check the points scoring system very carefully...Michael Matthews will probably pick up 10 points for topping the GC for just finishing in the bunch tomorrow, plus another 5 for being Youth leader at the end of tomorrow's stage...that's not including any points he may get for finishing in a place tomorrow. So he could get 50 pts if he were to win the stage.

Have a look at http://www.procyclingstats.com/race/Giro_d_Italia_2014_Stage_3_Dublin

This will give you an idea of all the standings currently.

Ghedebrav [1099 posts] 4 years ago

Welcome! And good luck  103 4