I'm looking for a new wheeler for a new bike that I'll mainly be using for commuting. Unfortunately I'm on a budget so my choices are limited. I've been looking at the Campagnolo Scirocco 35 CX as they are great value and should be tough enough for the pot hole ridden roads I ride on ever day.

Before I buy them I was curious to see if anyone has had any experience with them?



Lbowron [17 posts] 3 years ago

Ive had a pair on my bike for about 6 months now and I cant fault them, they seem to have stood up to potholes etc. without going out of true, and the bearings etc are fully sealed against any sort of weather so should be good for commuting. Only thing I would say is that if the rear wheel does go out of true, I've read that sorting a wheel out that has the G3 spoke pattern is more complicated than your standard cross pattern. If that is a major concern you could look at the Fulcrum Racing Quattro CX's which are exactly the same wheel.

Hope that helps  1

Gordy748 [110 posts] 3 years ago

I'm a 80 kilo rider and have ridden mine on my daily driver through the winter. A touch heavy and the lack of spokes is worrying (18/ 21) but they've been fine. I got the CX version for the extra seals: it drags a little more but on a winter commuter/ trainer the added benefit of nothing getting into the bearings is worth it.

You can feel the deeper rims on the flats, I normally ride at 18-19 mph but with the Sciroccos I can cruise at 20-21.

Downside is that I've been warned that if a spoke does go, they're very hard to true manually.

I think they're great value for what they are. Definitely worth a look.

craig749 [36 posts] 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback guys. I've gone ahead and bought a set which ill receive next week. Unfortunately I wont be fitting them until August when my new frame is ready  2

Once I have them fitted ill post some feedback.

Thanks  3