Now I understand why.

by Cyclist   May 10, 2014  

During my commute home from work, approx 48 mins ago. I finally understood all the problems that we suffer with from 'thumb up ass, I am the only person on the road drivers' how did that happen? We'll allow me to continue.
I was riding down a very straight road with at least a mile of visibility in front of me, car coming towards me on the opposite side as it should be, the car is less than 50m from me and I hear it, engine over rev and yes... Squeezing through way to close, I shout the C word at the top of my voice. Then I realise, over took on double white lines (close to traffic lights) I next noticed as they fluffed the gear, phone hooked into left shoulder and the piece de resistance.... A costa coffee in the right hand on top of the wheel.......Then I noticed after my second bellowing of the C word that the vehicle was adourned with..... Company logos......YES, it was a driving instructor, well where do you go from there? I was going to post the company (a local one) on here. However I have the address and I am going to go and challenge him about his behaviour as a so called Driving instructor.
What hope do new drivers have of ever understanding driver awareness if you have C##cks like that teaching them!
I really wish I had had a helmcam.

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make an official complaint too .... instructors are registered (or should be !!!!!)

still on the 3rd switch-back of Bwlch !

posted by therevokid [725 posts]
10th May 2014 - 17:22


Go to his address but dont bang on the door. Instead take the reg, the ADI number from his sticker that should be clearly displayed in the window (pink of green iirc depending on whether he's an examiner)

..then phone the official body in charge:

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posted by downfader [204 posts]
10th May 2014 - 20:06


Good advice thanks, I will. Left it a day or two to calm down.

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

― George Carlin

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posted by Cyclist [166 posts]
12th May 2014 - 20:41


Just look at the adverts you see to become an instructor - they have the distinct air of just inviting anyone with a license to complete a course. I suspect the course focuses on teaching more than on the actual driving skill of the instructor-to-be.

I was given loads of room by a student under instruction a little while ago, I had hoped to catch them at the lights and thank them (bit of positive reinforcement doesn't do any harm), but it didn't happen.

Last night I would have considered trading a very loud baby for a really nice bike.

posted by notfastenough [3307 posts]
14th May 2014 - 11:59


I drop the C-word way too often (I wish I could stop myself or tone it down!) when someone drives by with their head up their arse, but always thank those wait for me to get to a wider bit of road or give me a wide berth.

posted by Daveyraveygravey [60 posts]
14th May 2014 - 12:55


This week, whilst driving home, I too encountered one such 'Driving Instructor'...
Hands/fingers interlocked behind head whilst stretching at one point... attempting to steer and change gear with god knows what part of his anatomy...
stuck on a country road behind him for several kms, he decided that he could spare his right hand for some hand surfing out a partially closed window...and then piece de resistance... a coffee cup appeared in his left hand...
It was all I could do to stop myself running him into a ditch...or phoning him up for a fake lesson (not affiliated with a large company)....


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posted by The _Kaner [457 posts]
14th May 2014 - 13:54


Many driving instructors are no better than any other driver.

I went through a few back when I was learning to drive as my driving school went bust just before my first test! The difference in quality between them was amazing, and I was lucky that in the end I got someone who was brilliant.

posted by bikebot [612 posts]
14th May 2014 - 18:17


I too have seen a couple of driving instructors driving whilst on their phones... unbelievable really.

posted by gthornton101 [61 posts]
15th May 2014 - 10:28


Passed a driving instructor on the motorway the day before yesterday (national school named after a colour, rhymes with "bed"), one hand out the window holding a fag, drinking a can of something-or-other with the other hand. Made a mental note not to let anyone I know learn to drive with them.

Hardly surprised though at the quality of instructors with this particular school, given they spam adverts on daytime TV as often as the likes of Wonga or any of these PPI/personal injury claims firms...

posted by parksey [259 posts]
15th May 2014 - 14:13