Sun protection

by bigdanbro   May 10, 2014  


Sun protection - I'm very mindful that after a long and wet winter the sun is slowly starting to emerge. Whilst generally a good thing, I need to avoid catching too much sun (I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma a few years back and would rather not repeat the experience). Would welcome any tips or suggestions on clothing (or other tactics) that provide good spf, but are also reasonably streamlined and comfortable, especially in warm weather.

Any tips or suggestions gratefully received.

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Avoid clothing with mesh fabric is one thing I will say. Another is to use swimmers sun cream as it wont roll off with the sweat as easily.

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posted by downfader [204 posts]
10th May 2014 - 16:15


I'd recommend reimann p20. It's a great suncream that lasts all day, and you can use it under kit if it's really hot....

posted by pdows47 [111 posts]
10th May 2014 - 17:02